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Athletic Performance

Athletic Performance

 Are You Looking For A New Way To Boost Sports Performance?

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Are you an aspiring or professional athlete wanting to up your game? Has a past injury, defeat, or other setback damaged your confidence and caused a self-fulfilling prophesy of continued performance problems? Or perhaps you may simply be looking to supplement your traditional sports performance training in order to accelerate your gains. 

Alternately, you may be experiencing anxiety related to your professional endeavors, artistic execution, or leisure activities. Memories of a disappointing or embarrassing past performance may have caused a backward slide. Or maybe you have hit a plateau after years of consistent improvement, and your usual routine hasn’t been enough to get past it and begin making progress again. 

Are you buckling under the weight of high expectations? Whether self-imposed or applied by a parent, coach, or mentor, the pressure to do well can be incredibly anxiety-inducing, especially if you’ve recently been promoted or otherwise recognized for your achievements. At the same time, you may be questioning whether the sacrifices you’ve made to get to this level of success have really been worth it. 

While there are plenty of physical reasons people struggle to perform, just as many obstacles are rooted in the mind. Other modalities tend to help in only one of these areas, however the therapeutic process of sports hypnosis addresses both sides of the equation simultaneously. Whether you are looking to improve your performance on the field or in the boardroom, your best possible outcome requires a balanced approach.

Everyone Experiences The Occasional Setback

It is human nature to want to do your best, whether you are an athlete, corporate professional, musician, actor, or other performer. Likewise, it is natural to be disappointed by failure, especially considering the myriad possible reasons for hindered performance.

Many athletes develop limiting beliefs in childhood (“I will never be a good as my brother/sister”) or after a rough performance (“I messed up this time, so why should things be any different next time?”). Others struggle to reconcile their desire to boost sports or career performance with their other life goals and obligations. The doubt, hesitation, guilt, and shame that often result from conflicting priorities can distract from the task at hand, leading to performance issues and, in some cases, existential crises.

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Athletes, who are often under tremendous social pressure, are in a vulnerable position. And occasional setbacks (sometimes including injuries) are inevitable. So it is extremely common for athletes and other performers to have fears and hesitations that get in the way of reaching their full potential.

Motivation is a powerful force for self-improvement, but it can also have a dark side. Any disconnect between your expectations and your performance can cause discouragement, shame, and even self-loathing, especially if you are a perfectionist. But with the right support and a new mindset, these obstacles can be overcome.

Realize Your Potential With Sports Hypnosis

Do you remember the last time you performed really well? You may have hit a homerun, won a new contract at work, aced a test, hit every stunt during a cheer routine, or nailed an audition. We know from our experience working with hundreds of performers that if you did it once, you can do it again. By helping you get rid of any disruptive thought patterns, bad habits, or other mental blocks, we can put you onto the fast track for improvement.

We’ll start by collecting information about your history. We’ll discuss your past experiences, including any previous injuries, as well as your expectations and goals for the future. We will then use this information to create customized sports hypnotherapy sessions for you (as well as a custom-tailored self-hypnosis recording you can use in between sessions).

It is generally very difficult to break a bad habit using traditional sports performance training alone. For example, every year that you have been swinging a club with the same poor alignment makes it that much harder to straighten out. Ingrained behaviors like these must first be broken down before new, higher-performance habits can be established.

Sports hypnosis greatly accelerates this process. By using sports psychology to rewire your brain away from bad habits and toward good ones, you can see much faster results with much less effort than traditional training routines. This holds true whether your problems are physical or psychological in nature. If stress has been holding you back, for example, hypnosis can retrain your brain to automatically handle stress-inducing situations in ways that help your performance rather than hinder it.

Hypnosis can also enable you to set higher expectations for yourself. Limiting beliefs, low expectations, and low self-esteem cause many people to set their goals too low. If you’ve been settling for less than your best, hypnotherapy can give you the confidence to not only strive for what you want but aim higher than you thought possible.

As you consider hypnosis for athletic performance, you may be wondering. . . 

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Is hypnosis just for athletes? What if I’m a musician, speaker, actor, or other performer?

Performance hypnosis can help you become more proficient in any area of your life—personal or professional—even if you’re not an athlete. We can help you whether you are a student, corporate professional, musician, public speaker, actor, or any other kind of performer. We have even helped some clients to become more confident in the bedroom. While every individual will have a unique set of physical and/or psychological challenges, most involve the same kinds of hang-ups, including doubt, anxiety, and fear—all of which can be overcome with hypnosis.

Does it really work? How quickly will I see results?

We are experienced in many different therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, EFT, and CBT (just to name a few). However, in our experience, hypnosis is king. It is easy, effective, and affordable, and there are no side effects, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try. If you’re like many of our past clients, you’ll be surprised by the results you can achieve. Hypnosis for sports performance works in as little as one or two sessions, making it one of the most cost-effective forms of performance enhancement available.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?


Hypnosis, which involves the formation of new neural pathways, happens in a variety of ways in our daily lives, not just within the context of a therapy session. For example, we all engage in self-hypnosis to some extent when we ruminate about a problem, training our subconscious mind to expect the worst. Therapeutic hypnosis also trains the mind, but because professionally conducted sessions utilize a deeply relaxed state and a uniquely blended mind-body balance, the messages received are much stronger. And because the therapist provides customized, positive messages, the effect is generally much more productive.

Experience The Remarkable Results Of Hypnosis For Yourself

We’ve been offering performance-related hypnosis, including sports hypnosis, for more than 35 years, helping of hundreds of individuals dissolve painful emotions, break bad habits, and become the best version of themselves. Drake Eastburn, lead sports hypnotherapist here at Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, has written several books on the topic and is the official hypnotherapist of the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team. 

Whether you are a professional athlete or you’re still in school—and regardless of the area you want to improve (football, cheerleading, cycling, baseball, dance, martial arts, hockey, wrestling, etc.)—hypnosis can help elevate your performance. We invite you to contact us if you’re ready to get out of your own way and improve your performance naturally.

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“Hi Drake!

How are you? Hope all is well back in CO. Just wanted to let you know I just scored the biggest result of my career last week at the Dauphine Libere, the last big race before the Tour de France. I was 2nd on the final stage, I lost by a few cm in the sprint. It was a bummer to just miss out on the win but I was really excited about that day because all the good sensations finally returned that I’ve been struggling to find again so far this season. I was in a 29 man breakaway from the beginning of the stage, then on a big climb with 40km to go I attacked and dropped everybody but one guy. We rode together a while, one more guy caught us, and then we sprinted it out with the three of us. An intense moment for sure.

The really cool thing was that the things going through my head and the way I felt were just exactly like your Hypnosis for strength and endurance tape I’ve been listening to. I was literally asking myself as I was dropping everybody "why does it feel so easy, why are these guys so slow?" just like the tape. But yeah, just wanted to let you know that everything described in the tape I’ve been listening to here and there just happened naturally on that day and everything felt easy. I think that’s really interesting....

Thank so much for all your help to get me back to the top Drake. Look forward to talking to ya soon!”

-Timmy Duggan 
Garmin-Slipstream Pro Cycling Team 

“Drake...Happy Holidays...hope you are doing well...pretty sure I had a vision on the plane last night..."Drake holds the key"...I know that my mind/head/attitude is what limits my racing the most...I would really like to start reprogramming it...would love to talk to you...”

-Dave Z.
(Elite Athlete—Cyclist) 

“While working as the Director of Sport Science with the Garmin Pro Cycling Team, I brought Drake on to help mentally prepare our athletes to be their best. In the past we had used a number of sport psychologists without much success. But when Drake began working with our riders, we began to see a real and positive shift in the mindset of our team. When I asked one of the athletes why everyone preferred working with Drake over our conventional psychologists, he explained that, ‘The psychs were really good at helping us to understand how the past was responsible for many of our negative feelings and behaviors. But, Drake immediately changed how we felt and behaved in the present.’ For our team, optimal performance was always about looking forward, not behind, and Drake is the best in the business in helping others create a better present and future.”

-Dr. Allen Lim, Sports Physiologist, Cycling Coach, Founder of Skratch Labs