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Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Are You Tense, Anxious Or Stressed?

Are you struggling to keep up with your professional and personal goals? Do you worry that rushing from one task to the next—commuting, working, preparing meals, shuttling the kids around—is causing you to fall behind on other priorities? 

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You might find it difficult to relax, fall asleep, or get out of bed in the morning as you think about all the things that need improving (your health, relationships), things you wish were going better (your career, your child’s academic performance), or things that might go wrong (an upcoming meeting or presentation). Maybe you avoid situations that tend to make you anxious, but staying away from public places or withdrawing from loved ones has caused your relationships to deteriorate, leaving you feeling even more isolated. 

In addition to feeling constantly overwhelmed, you may be experiencing physical symptoms of anxiety, like nail-biting, teeth-grinding, insomnia, and trichotillomania. Pain or tension in your jaw, recurring stomach aches, or shaky hands can all cause you to worry that something serious is wrong. Or maybe you tend to eat too much (or not eat enough) as a way to try and escape daily stressors. In some cases, anxiety can lead to panic attacks with frightening physical symptoms, like chest pain and shortness of breath. The fear that physical symptoms or a panic attack will occur can increase anxious feelings, making it harder to keep up with daily responsibilities.

While coping mechanisms like eating, drinking, working, or shopping might relieve stress for a while, they don’t provide lasting relief. Thankfully, there are healthier ways to manage anxiety.

Life Provides Plenty Of Stressors

Anxiety disorders affect 40 million US adults every year, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA). It’s one of the most common issues people struggle with on a daily basis, and it’s frequently behind common, stress-inducing problems like weight gain (or difficulty losing weight), insomnia, and panic attacks. Given the many stressors common in our daily lives, the prevalence of anxiety in our society shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

The commute through rush-hour traffic, ongoing political disagreements, social injustices, school bullies, mean bosses, a lack of vacation time, and even a long line at the coffee shop can put us into fight-or-flight mode. Even predictable changes like the arrival of winter can cause a person’s anxiety to go from bad to worse. Considering how easily these daily stressors can add up, it’s no wonder significant life changes—like a divorce, career change, bankruptcy, or the birth of a child—can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed or helpless. 

And as technology becomes a more prevalent part of our daily lives, it becomes harder to separate from sources of stress and anxiety. We are expected to be reachable and immediately responsive 24/7, and it’s far too easy to give into this expectation: spending hours on social media, constantly checking emails, or texting from morning to night. If you are self-employed, telecommute, or work from home, the pressure to do “just one more thing” can drive you to work longer and longer hours, driving many professionals to exhaustion and burnout. 

Unfortunately, our society provides many false promises when it comes to anxiety relief. Supplements tend to be much less effective than they claim. Internet forums offer bad advice. And our communities fail to support us in the ways they once did—we no longer know our neighbors, and many of us have moved away from the family, friends, and other trusted support systems we used to rely on. To try and escape feelings of stress, or to take a measure of control, you might turn to food or shopping (aka MasterCard therapy). But the effect on your health and finances can leave you even more anxious. And without the right treatment, this illusion of control can turn into an endless cycle of anxiety. 

Desperate for relief, many Americans have turned to anxiety medications. According to the 2011 America’s State of Mind study, more than 20 percent of adults are taking psychiatric drugs for conditions like anxiety and depression. And while many people have been helped by anxiety medications, just as many have found them to be ineffective. Fortunately, there’s a more effective way to soothe anxiety.

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Anxiety Hypnotherapy: One Of The Most Effective Natural Remedies For Anxiety

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magician’s trick. In fact, multiple studies have shown that hypnotherapy is highly effective at improving mental health outcomes. Many people are able to reduce or eliminate their anxiety symptoms after as few as one or two hypnotherapy sessions, making anxiety hypnotherapy the fastest and most effective form of anxiety treatment available.

How can hypnosis help anxiety sufferers when other therapeutic approaches fail? The answer lies deep within the subconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a magician’s trick. In fact, multiple studies have shown that hypnotherapy is highly effective at improving mental health outcomes. Many people are able to reduce or eliminate their anxiety symptoms after as few as one or two hypnotherapy sessions, making anxiety hypnotherapy the fastest and most effective form of anxiety treatment available.

How can hypnosis help anxiety sufferers when other therapeutic approaches fail? The answer lies deep within the subconscious mind.

We’ve all had the experience—or know someone who has—of making it safely to a destination without remembering the drive. How is this possible? The subconscious mind often functions without the knowledge of the conscious mind. In fact, when they come into conflict, the subconscious mind tends to win out.

This explains why it is so difficult to change habitual behaviors through the conscious mind (by reading self-help books, attending talk therapy, etc.). No matter how great your intentions, how strong your determination, or how well-thought-out your strategy, the subconscious mind has the final say in how you respond to stress. 

Hypnosis for anxiety allows you to target and recondition this highly influential part of your mind, making it easier to change behaviors quickly and with less effort. Unlike traditional therapy, hypnotherapy doesn’t require you to quiet your mind, talk in detail about past traumas, or learn anything new. It also works faster, addresses the root cause (instead of symptoms), and doesn’t produce side effects, unlike most anxiety medications.

Here at Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, our therapists are formally trained in clinical hypnotherapy. We are highly skilled at uncovering and reframing the subconscious sources of anxiety, so you can start feeling better fast. As your subconscious learns to recognize and respond to stress in new, healthier ways, you’ll go through life with greater ease and calm. Panic attacks will occur less frequently, you’ll sleep better, and physical anxiety symptoms will begin to fade away.

As you consider anxiety hypnotherapy you may be wondering. . . 

My mind is very active. What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Many people mistakenly believe that only people with “weak” minds can be hypnotized. On the contrary, the smarter you are, the more effective hypnotherapy can be. If you want to be hypnotized and can follow simple instructions, you will be able to benefit from hypnosis.

Nothing I’ve tried before has helped. Will hypnosis be any different?

Hypnotherapy is often considered superior to standard treatment techniques. It also works much faster. We’ve helped hundreds of clients reduce their anxiety and we can help you, too.

Do I have time for this? Can I afford it?

Most anxiety medications take a month or more before they start working (assuming they work at all). And it can take months or even years of traditional, talk-based anxiety therapy sessions to start to feel better. Anxiety hypnotherapy, in contrast, works in as little as one or two sessions. This means you can start feeling better quickly without having to invest a lot of time or money.

Find Peace And Calm With Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Many hypnosis practitioners have limited experience, but our therapists have been practicing hypnosis for more than 20 years. Hypnosis is our specialty, and we’ve refined our methods over the years to provide you with the best possible experience. We’ve even developed our own proprietary method.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and try something that really works, we invite you to contact us to schedule an appointment. Still not sure if hypnosis is right for you? You’re welcome to set up a free, in-office consultation to discuss your unique situation and goals.

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“Best investment ever! My 20 yr old daughter has suffered with horrible motion sickness and with one treatment was able to fly in a single engine Cessna and now commercial to the European continent without a single problem! I was referred to Dr. Eastburn by several pilots who suffered motion sickness while piloting, as well as spouses and family members who suffered from sickness or anxiety in flight, particularly in small aircraft. Dr. Eastburn has a 100% success rate with everyone else I have spoken to. My daughter suffered so terribly until this year and to think that that is all behind her now and for the rest of her life is truly a miracle!”

- Melinda Jordan, via Google

“Drake has the patience and the skills to deepen awareness of answers that come from your own subconscious. Totally professional, he creates a safe place to explore personal issues. I highly recommend this center.”

-Denise A., via Yelp

“Lynsi Eastburn saved my life. About 5 years ago, when I was 35 I called in desperation one Wednesday afternoon, after yet another break-up. I had been dating for 20 years and not one of those relationships had stuck. I felt scared that I'd be alone forever and that there must be something I was doing wrong that I was unaware of. I had been to traditional therapists who always tried to figure out what happened in my childhood that caused relationship problems, but there was nothing, my childhood was perfect! I had gone to a 12-step program and was learning how to live in a more serene manner - which was great. I read books, I picked different types of men than what I was usually attracted to, I moved, but nothing I tried ever had a different outcome... in fact it was always the exact same outcome. When I called Lynsi, I was desperate and mad and just asked her to fix whatever in my subconscious was keeping me from finding that special person.

She did.

From the first time I went to see her, I felt totally at ease with her, and could talk openly to her about anything. She never judged me to tried to dig out what happened in my past (nothing did!). She never told me what to do. She always listened, encouraged and then hypnotized. I immediately felt better and calmer. Each time I went, I specified what I was feeling and what I wanted to work on, and then she did all the work, while I just relaxed! And it worked. I started feeling more confident; I even finally reached the point where I accepted that I might be alone for the rest of my life, but I truly felt OK about that... and ironically, at the same time, started to believe that I would not be. I felt like the hopeful, confident person I was as a little kid, before life experiences tainted me and made me insecure and sometimes unhappy. I was HAPPY! And lo-and-behold, my boyfriend whom I broke up with several times in the course of three years of dating said he wasn't sure what it was but he noticed a change in my confidence that impressed him. Eventually he asked me to marry him, and at the age of 41, I married the love of my life.

Not only did I get married, but I am a confident, secure happy person. Lynsi is a godsend and I love her for it!!!"

-Jenny McGee