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In The News

In The News


 Weight Loss Tips 2013: Hypnosis Can Help Overweight Women Lose Weight Fast – in Time for Summer Fun

“When everything else has failed, people have lost their weight and kept it off because of hypnosis,” said Drake Eastburn, Director of Eastburn Hypnotherapy Center, which offers hypnosis weight…



HypnoFertility® Expert Lynsi Eastburn Says “You Can Become Pregnant by Christmas”

Women who have had trouble conceiving with conventional methods should consider hypnotherapy.

“You can be pregnant with your baby by Christmas no matter what you’ve been told,” says HypnoFertility® Specialist Lynsi Eastburn, a hypnotherapist who has helped thousands of women—including celebrities—have babies. “You can have a bundle of joy neatly wrapped next to your Christmas tree—even if you’ve been told you have less than a 1 percent chance. It is possible.”



Vail Daily health feature: Enhancing your chance

First we believed babies came from a stork. Then at one point we discovered the truth, learning about the tale of the sperm and the egg from either our parents, a teacher, or a wise older friend, like a fourth grader. We thought we knew everything about how babies are made, and as adults, many people still believe that conceiving a child is a simple, elementary process. In reality baby-making is a complex endeavor, with many factors affecting both female and male fertility.



Therapist Says Hypnosis Can Help Couples With Infertility Issues

There are many couples who have a hard time getting pregnant. Some therapies, like in vitro fertilization, are complicated and expensive. But there are alternatives, such as hypnosis.

While it may sound far-fetched one local hypnotherapist says she is helping more and more couples get pregnant in a matter of months.



Denver Hypnotist Lynsi Eastburn Tells How She Is Helping Women Overcome Infertility Around the World

The pioneering work of Denver Colorado Hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn is helping once infertile women become pregnant. How Lynsi developed her successful program is revealed in her recent interview with Stephen Gruber of www.ask-the-hypnotist.com.



Hypnosis For Fertility-Hypnosis Can Aid Infertility

Joining us is Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Instructor Lynsi Eastburn,author of this book: Its Concievable: Hypnosis for Fertility. Tune in to The Balancing Act to see how hypnosis could help you get pregnant. Lynsi says it’s worked for many of her patients. You don’t want to miss it!